E-valuador is an Automatic Essay Scorer. Given specifc prompts (Much like the argument analysis type of questions on standardized tests such as TOEFL, GMAT & GRE), the user will type in a response and be able to receive immediate feed-back regarding the response. The response should follow the 5-paragraph standard essay format.

The goal of E-valuador is to be able to give the user reasonable feed back regarding their response. In addition to the feedback, E-valuador will also try to assign a score between 1-6 for the response. Where 6 is the highest score possible.

An example essay question (prompt) would be:

"In any large business organization, teamwork is the ultimate key to the organization's success."

In your view, how accurate is the foregoing statement? Use reasons and/or examples from your experience, observation, and/or reading to explain your viewpoint.

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E-valuador is written in Perl, and the source code is distributed under the GNU CopyLeft.